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Advanced Virtual Maternal Fetal Medicine Solutions

MFM Specialist Services Are Available To

Hospital Birthing Centers

OBGYN Practices

Medical Prenatal/Perinatal Providers

Genetic Testing and Counseling

Governmental Agencies

Introduction and Overview

Advanced Virtual MFM Solutions Inc. is a Business Development and Management Company for Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) Specialists providing virtual and in-person consultation, enhanced access to care and prenatal diagnosis for women with high-risk and multiple birth pregnancies. The telemedicine component features a comprehensive educational platform for OBGYNs, Obstetric APRNs, Sonographers and Midwives. Fundamental to our mission is to reach underserved and unserved populations/communities and to increase positive birth outcomes for mothers and children. We work with Hospitals, OBGYN practices, Birthing Centers, Clinics and publicly funded Health and Human Service Agencies.

We work in contracted collaboration with Bruce Cohen, MD, FACOG who is the CEO of ATW Maternal Fetal Medicine and his Board Certified Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist who are all licensed in multiple US States.

ATW Maternal Fetal Medicine



ATW MFM’s mission is to provide the highest academic quality maternal-fetal medicine patient care for small city, community and rural hospitals at a reasonable cost. ATW MFM performs comprehensive and state-of-the-art consultative perinatology services both on-site and through telemedicine.

In addition, ATW MFM works closely with the administrative and clinical staff members at partner Hospitals and Practices to improve the healthcare for all of their obstetrical patients. This is achieved through expansion of clinical services, support of the Hospital/Practice’s administrative objectives, contribution to provider education, and engagement in research.


ATW MFM’s founder, Dr. Bruce Cohen, first conceived of ATW MFM during his eighteen-year tenure on the Faculty of Harvard Medical School. Although Dr. Cohen enjoyed his role as Chief of the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine as well as engaging in research and teaching in Women’s Health, he always had a desire to find a way to bring the highest quality care to regions of our Country that lacked access to such services. Visit Dr. Cohen’s Resume.

Starting in 2015, Dr. Cohen began a satellite office at Bellevue Woman’s Hospital in Nyskayuna, New York. It was there that he developed his first combination onsite and telemedicine practice. With the success of this first endeavor, he added additional practices in Winter Haven, Florida, Naples, Florida, and Troy, New York. During this time, Dr. Cohen also successfully converted his Boston practice of 20 years into a combination on-site and telemedicine practice and hired additional MFM associates.

Telemedicine: Access, Productivity and Mastery

ATW MFM began to realize the immense potential of telemedicine in 2015. The experience quickly demonstrated that telemedicine offers the MFM specialist both the opportunity to provide care anywhere in the country or abroad as well as the ability to serve multiple practices simultaneously. At the same time, however, over 5 year experience has taught ATW MFM that telemedicine is only as effective as the telemedicine- specific skill level of the provider and the quality of the program that has been established to support that provider.

ATW MFM supports Maternal-Fetal Medicine providers’ telemedicine practices with a vast infrastructure of consultative templates, high-quality audio and video components and ultrasound viewing, archiving and reporting packages that are capable of interfacing with different electronic medical record (EMR) systems. In addition, Providers are trained in the sometimes non-intuitive art of telemedicine such that each patient and colleague feels as close to ATW MFM physicians as they do when the providers are on-site.

Our Educational Platform:
Illustrated 436 Page MFM e-Book

Having all of our providers read “Bruce Cohen’s Consultative Fetal Medicine” allows each member of the team to be operating from the same set of clinical principles. The book is written to be useful for sonographers, midwives, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants and physicians. Each specialty, in addition to acquiring the necessary information to carry out their duties, learns about the required knowledge and responsibilities of their team members performing different tasks. In other words, our nurse practitioners are more effective because they possess much of the ultrasound knowledge of the sonographers. This book contains a great deal of the knowledge for the establishment of a high quality maternal-fetal medicine practice and may serve as a reference in the day to day operation of the practice.